4 Ways to check are you fit or not????

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Hey! The first question that popup in my mind……….

Are you fit? How can you say that you are fit? How will you measure your fitness? What are your criteria for fitness?

How much time do you spend daily on your fitness? How much you have invested in your fitness till now? 

After so much effort are you not able to get your expected result? 

Do you need someone to guide you on your fitness journey? 

Exercise is the key for your long, fit, and healthy life 

You surely may have some idea about how fit you are. Once you know where you are right now it will be easy for you to motivate yourself for further progress but measuring your fitness is not only about weight lifting, running, or tightening abs. 

There are lots of different ways to measure your fitness. I think you should know them and then analyze your fitness. Let’s start with a simple and easy test now.

Gear up guys…. Here you go….

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To do this test you require some items

  • Pen and paper to write your result
  • Body measuring tape
  • Stopwatch

Even you can prepare an excel sheet for this result for future reference. If there is someone to help you with this process it will be good.

So, there are four important areas to measure: 

  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Muscular strength
  • Flexibility
  • Composition of body

These are the important areas we have to measure. Let’s start discussing one by one how can you measure it?

Aerobic fitness

Resting mode: Heart rate

Check your heart rate when it is on resting mode. It is one of the useful methods to check your fitness. If I talk about a normal heart rate for a healthy adult, it should be in between 60 to 100 beats in a minute.

How to do?

measuring fitness through heart rate

To measure your Heart rate place your two fingers either on your neck, (carotid artery) it is just below your jawline or you can place it on your wrist (radial artery). Now, count your beats in 60 seconds with the help of a stopwatch. 

You can do one more thing count your beats for 30 seconds and multiply it with 2. Let say you count 40 beats in 30 seconds, multiply it with 2, you will get 80 beats in 1 minute. 

You will get the same result in both the situation.

The best time to measure your heartbeat is in the morning.


  • 100 or more- not good (abnormal high)
  • 80-100- high but still acceptable
  • 60-80- normal
  • 60 or less- good 

You can measure your heart rate with the above-mentioned results. As you do exercise regularly, it will get better day by day. 


Aerobic fitness: 

Cardio capacity: Running 

Do you know about the man, who invented ‘aerobics’- Kenneth Cooper. He developed “Cooper Test” in the 1960s to measure cardiovascular fitness and that method is still in use.

 Basically, this method is for running but you can consider it while jogging as well as walking. 

You have to maintain a steady pace. Don’t do it like run for three minutes like hell and then crawl like a snail. 

How to do?

Measuring fitness through jogging or runningUse a treadmill, an athlete track, or a flat route that you find comfortable. Do some warm-up before running. Set your stopwatch and walk or run at a fast pace as much as you can, hold it till the duration of the test. You can do it like walk for some time then run and then walk. Record the result with you and compare it with the result given below.


  • 100 m or less- It’s poor
  • 150 m – Fair 
  • 200 m – Excellent

Muscular strength: 


Doing pushup is the best way to strengthen your upper body muscles. If you are doing it for the first time you can go with the modified version called “Knee Pushups” and if you are doing exercise regularly, go for the classic version.

This test basically helps you in measuring how much pushups you can do in a fixed period of time. 

How to do?

measure fitness pushups?

  • Lie down on your stomach, your face should be on the floor side with your elbow bend and palm should be next to the shoulders
  • Your back should be straight, do pushups until your hands are straight.  
  • Lower down your body and touch your chin with the floor.
  • Repeat this and do pushups as much as you can.



Women: Pushup in numbersMen: Pushup in numbers















Core Muscles: Plank

How is your core stability? Have you observed it? I know you heard about it from so many people. Let me tell you how you can strengthen it.

Plank is the best exercise to strengthen your core muscles. If your core stability is poor, it will be difficult for you to hold the plank position. Don’t worry, it will get improve with regular practice.

How to do?

measure fitnessplanks?

  • Lie down on your stomach, your face should be towards the floor.
  • Forearms should be on the floor
  • Your elbows should be under your shoulder.
  • Fists facing towards each other.
  • Tightened your core muscles
  • Press down with the forearms and lift your body with the help of legs
  • Head, neck, back, and legs should make a straight line 
  • Hold this position as long as you can.


  • Less than 30 seconds- need improvement
  • 30 to 60 seconds- average
  • 60 seconds or more- good
  • 2 minutes- excellent core muscles

Leg strength: Wall sit

In this test, you have to sit against the wall like there is an “invisible chair” until your thighs get tighten.

How to do?

  • Stand against a wall space
  • Touch your back with the wall and feet should be a little forward
  • Slide your back down until your knees and feet comes in a straight line or you can say 90-degree angle
  • Start your stopwatch and hold the position as long as you can.


  • 25 sec or less (women)/ 30 sec or less (men)- poor
  • 26 to 35 sec (women)/ 31 to 50 sec (men)- fair
  • 36 to 45 sec (women)/ 51 to 70 sec (men)- good
  • 46 or more (women)/ 71 sec or more (men)- excellent


Neck: Head Turning 

To check your neck flexibility, you can do a head-turning test. What happened most of the time we all are using mobiles, carrying a bag, or doing any other activity in our daily routine. So, our neck tightened in a particular way.   

It should be the most flexible part of our spine because we are using it whole day.

How to do?

  • To check your neck flexibility, stand straight, and look forward.
  • Ask someone to stand exact behind you and rotate your head towards the right. 
  • Ask that person how much profile of your face he/she is able to see, note it down
  • Repeat this in the left direction as well.
  • Note the results


After doing this test if you find that your flexibility is more in one direction than the other, then start incorporating more stretching exercises in your routine to increase flexibility.

Composition of the body:


You should check your “Waist-to-Hip” Ratio. If you are carrying access fat around your waist region. It is worst for your health as it increases the risk of heart diseases and Type 2 diabetes. 

How to do?

Measure your waist, just above your hip bone with the help of body measuring tape.


If in the case of women it’s more than 35 inches (89 cm) or more and in the case of men it’s 40 inches (102 cm), the risk is higher.

Body mass index:

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation help in indicating the amount of healthy fat in your body. You can calculate it with the help of an online calculator or BMI Table.

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After doing this assessment, the result will help you in deciding your future goals and motivates you to move a step ahead daily. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends some basic guidelines for exercise:

  • At least 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic activity or 1.5 hours of vigorous aerobic activity in a week, or a combination of both.
  • Focus on doing muscle-strengthening activity for all the muscles group, two times a week.   

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