Connection between mind and body

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Whenever we heard about fitness, the first thought that came to our mind is about physical fitness, exercise, gym, diet, etc. but I have one question in my mind

What about your mental health?????

Have you ever observed it????

We always focus on our physical health and yes it is essential. A healthy body can prevent heart diseases, diabetes, and it helps you maintain your body. 

Mental fitness is equally as important as physical fitness. Mental fitness means keeping a balance between your mind and emotions. 

mental health

The connection between Mind and Body

I will say that there is a direct connection between your mind and your body. It’s no surprise that exercise regularly gives an enormous sense of well-being to you. You feel more energetic, improve in sleeping disorders, sharper memories, feel positivity in thoughts, and more relaxed the whole day. 

You can use exercise as a powerful tool to deal with your mental health problems and improve your energy level. Physical activities help in increasing the oxygen flow in the brain.  

Benefits of Exercise on mental health:

  • Depression: 

Medicines for Depression

Either you are suffering from mild depression or moderate depression, exercise can play the role of anti-depression medication but without any side effects- as usual. Basically, the flow of oxygen increases in the brain, and because of that changes in the brain may happen, it includes neural growth, inflammation reduction, and increases the new activities that help in the calm down of the brain.

  • Anxiety:

Anxiety due to unhealthy mind

Exercise is an anti-anxiety treatment. It helps in reducing stress and tension, helps in boosting physical and mental energy. 

Try to focus on your breath while doing exercises or even while sitting idle try to focus on the sensations in your body. It will help you in increasing awareness about your own body. It is very important to feel how’s your body reacting while doing exercises.

  • Stress:

Stress and Relaxation after working on mental health

Have you ever observed how you feel while you are in stress? What kind of changes happened in your body? 

You may feel some kind of tightness in your face, painful headache. You may even face heaviness in your chest, muscle cramps, and a pounding pulse. If the problem of stress increases during the time period you may also increase the risk of insomnia, diarrhea, stomachache, or frequent urination. These symptoms may increase the stress level and the cycle will continue.

Exercise will help you in breaking this cycle. Physical activities help you in relaxing the muscles in your body and release all the tension. As we all know, mind and body are connected with each other so if your body will be healthy, too, will be your mind.  

It’s not like exercise is only required if you are suffering from any mental illness. You can include it in your daily routine to experience something new within your own self. 

  • Sharper your memory:

The Endorphins hormone released after the regular exercise, as it will help in changing the activities in the brain similarly it will help in sharper your memory and increase your thinking ability. Exercise also helps in developing the new cells in the brain and reduces the age-related problems in the mind.

  • Improve your sleep:

Even 30 minutes of exercise in the morning or in the evening can help in regulating your sleep. You can also do light yoga or stretching poses in the night before sleeping, it will help in regulating your sleep.

  • Increase energy:

After doing exercises regularly, you will feel an increase in the energy level. Start with a few minutes of exercise per day, and increase your workout time as per the increasing level of energy.

  • Improved resilience: 

Suppose, you are facing any kind of mental or emotional challenges in your life, by doing regular exercise you can change your mood by healthily improving resilience, instead of using any negative objects like alcohol, drugs. I know according to you, it will help you in reducing your stress but it will worsen your body slowly.

As we all know that if you have a healthy body and a healthy mind, you can deal with any situation. Here is another article for your reference “Healthy Living”.

What you can do for improving your mental health

Now, you will think that when will I tell you about how can we do that. We are talking about the impact of exercise on mental health.

You know what, you don’t need to invest hours in gyming. Start spending 15-30 minutes four to five times a week for your body and mind from your busy schedule.

You don’t have to suffer a lot for getting the result. As you have heard also that “slow and steady wins the race”, so do exercise according to your body. Never overdo anything only give your efforts, and you will get a positive result after some time.  

Some obstacles faced while taking your first step

I know we all want to have a healthy body, a calm and relax mind but for that we all know, we have to take the first step, that is, get up and do some physical activity. 

So, here are some obstacles that we are facing while trying to improve our health: 

  • Feeling bad about your own self:

I know we always judge ourselves without even thinking that judging will reduce our productivity. Stop judging and start working. No matter what’s your weight, height, age, or fitness level.  Most of the people are having the same thing. Love yourself and start working.

  • Feeling tired easily: 

You will feel tired at the beginning that’s for sure because our body is not habitual for such kind of rigorous physical activities but doing regular exercise will help in increasing your strength, and then you will not feel tired easily.

What you can do in your daily routine without going to the gym

  • Do activities at home:

You can do lots of activities at your home like house cleaning, car washing, yard cleaning, etc. it will also help you.

  • Some activities at work: 

You can walk or ride a bicycle instead of a car while going to the office or any meeting if the place is not too far. Choose the stairs instead of the elevator, walk during break hours.

  • Play with the family members:  
Family playing games
Playing games with family

Even you can fix a time with your family members and play some games that include outdoor games. It will help you as well as your family in improving their health. As well, it will help in building strong relationships between the family members.

Include exercise in your daily routine like a fun activity not like a task, that you will have to complete. If you start enjoying your exercise, you will get more positive results and feel more motivated to achieve your target. Don’t invest hours in your workout and start investing in the activities that you enjoy most and it will automatically help you in your physical as well as mental growth.

You should also measure your fitness level. Read this for more knowledge- 4 ways to measure your fitness.

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